Faux Wood Blinds

All that you love about wood without the fuss

Do you love the aesthetics of natural wood? Would you like a way to minimize the worry it brings surrounding moisture damage and maintenance? Give Bloomin’ Blinds a call! 

Our customers rely on us for the widest selection of faux wood blinds in Austin, TX. Be sure to ask us more. We’d love to show you why faux wood window treatments are a great alternative to natural wood that any homeowner can afford.

Faux Vs. Natural Wood Blinds

Unlike real wood blinds, faux wood consists of a mixture of polymer and vinyl. It closely mimics the texture and appearance of natural wood. However, these beautiful blinds provide the rustic charm of natural wood at a fraction of the price.

Why Choose Faux Wood Over Natural Wood Blinds?


Like natural wood, faux wood is highly durable against most impacts and debris. Faux wood is also resistant to UV fading and degradation, a problem that may damage natural wood blinds without the right UV treatments. This UV resistance also means faux wooden blinds won’t easily chip, peel, or turn yellow as they age.

Water Resistant

Since faux wood features polymers and plastics in its construction, it is much more water-resistant than natural wood. You won’t have to worry about sealing faux wood to protect the blinds from moisture, so they work just fine in kitchens and bathrooms.

Light Control

Faux wood is opaque enough to provide excellent light control. In fact, your faux wood slats will nearly block out all sunlight when you close them fully. The additional light control makes faux wood products effective for keeping your interiors cool and darkening rooms as needed.

Cost Effective

Lastly, faux wood is cost-effective compared to natural wood blinds. However, it still offers some impressive durability. It is relatively low maintenance, too; you’re sure to spend less time and money on cleaning and repairs compared to real wood products.

Motorized and Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Bloomin’ Blinds provides a wide range of colors, styles, and customization options for your new blinds, including cordless and motorized options. 

No two blind projects are the same, and our team takes a personalized approach to every design consultation. Our goal is to make quality blinds affordable to everyone in Austin, TX, which is why we also offer free estimates and financing options.

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Bloomin’ Blinds makes your hunt for window treatments as quick and easy as possible. Our virtual window treatment visualizer can help you find the perfect blinds for your space. Plus, we work with industry-leading manufacturers and offer a lifetime warranty on all repair and installation work.

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