How to Pick Window Blinds That Accentuate Your Room’s Features

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How to Pick Window Blinds That Accentuate Your Room’s Features

Measure Your Windows and Select Appropriate Blinds

The first step is to accurately measure your windows so you can find blinds that fit properly. Note the window’s height and width, whether it’s inside or outside mount, and any obstructions like handles that the blinds will need to clear.

Once you have your measurements, browse different blind styles like roller blinds, vertical blinds, and wood or faux wood blinds. Make sure to pick blinds that are suitable for your window size and mounting style.

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Complement Your Room’s Color Scheme

Match or coordinate your window blinds with the existing paint colors, furniture, and accents in your room. Warm wood blinds can accentuate earthy décor, while cool-toned grays or blues help bright white rooms pop.

In bathrooms and kitchens, choose materials like aluminum or vinyl that can withstand moisture. For bedrooms, look for room-darkening shades to block light for sleeping.

Select Blinds That Fit the Function of the Room

Consider how you use the room when picking window blinds. For living rooms, choose adjustable blinds that let in natural light but also provide privacy.

In bathrooms, look for aluminum blinds which are moisture-resistant. Pick durable blinds for kids’ rooms or play areas. Focus on privacy for bedrooms and noise muffling for nurseries.

Use Blinds to Direct Natural Light

Strategically place blinds to control light and create an inviting ambiance in your space. Use dual shades, with some that filter light and others that block it out entirely.

Direct the light upwards to brighten a dark room, or angle blinds downwards for a cozier dining area. Adjust vertical blinds to let in light from the sides.

2 inches gray faux wood blinds inside mounted with valence upgrade in a modern living room

Incorporate Textures and Patterns

Go beyond basic solid blinds and experiment with different patterns. Patterned blinds like stripes, florals, or checks infuse personality.

Pair textured faux-wood blinds with rustic furniture, or try woven shades for a beach house vibe. Bold patterns can anchor minimalist décor, while soft floral prints complement cottage rooms.

Consider Blinds That Align with Your Décor Style

Match the style of your blinds to your interior design aesthetic for a cohesive look. In modern rooms, metal blind accents and clean lines are stylish options. For traditional spaces, classic wood blinds enhance elegance.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing the Best Blinds

Roller blinds and some faux wood blinds feature easy DIY installation with brackets and tension mounts. Look for blinds with step-by-step instructions for quick, simple mounting.
Pick blinds in a similar or slightly lighter/darker shade than your furniture for a cohesive look. Wood blinds match well with walnut, oak, or mahogany-colored pieces. You can also tie rooms together with matching blind and furniture fabrics.
Look for durable, easy-to-clean materials like vinyl, leather, or wood. Cordless blinds are safer for kids and pets. Also choose blinds with wand controls out of hand’s reach. Avoid delicate fabrics if you have pets who may scratch or damage the blinds.

Choose Window Blinds That Showcase Your Home's Unique Style

Strategically selected window blinds not only provide privacy and light filtering – they elevate your room’s décor. At Bloomin’ Blinds of Austin, our experienced design consultants can help you measure your windows, select complementary shades, and professionally install your custom room window blinds.

We offer stylish and functional blinds in a range of materials, textures, colors, and patterns to suit your home’s needs. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation. We’ll help you choose the perfect window blinds that accentuate the best features of your room while aligning with your interior design aesthetic. Transform any space in your home with custom window blinds from Bloomin’ Blinds of Austin!

Kelsey Stuart

Kelsey Stuart

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