5 Interior Design Tips for Making Small Windows Look Bigger with Window Treatments

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Interior design window treatments can work wonders to visually expand small windows and make rooms feel brighter and more spacious. Do you feel like the compact windows in your home make spaces seem dark and cramped? With some clever tricks involving curtains, blinds, and other solutions, you can enhance those petite windows to maximize light and the illusion of size. Keep reading for 5 tips to make small windows appear larger with treatments that reflect light and blur boundaries between interior and exterior views.

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Use Light Colors for an Expansive Look

Illusion of Space

Pale curtain panels, sheers, and shades reflect light better than darker varieties. This also brightens rooms and makes small windows appear larger. Choose white or cream tones that open up space instead of closing it in, while still allowing you to layer richer accent shades if desired. The goal is to avoid heavy fabrics that overwhelm petite windows.

Soften Edges with Valances and Curtain Styles

Framing is Key

Installing a valance or cornice box above window frames keeps the eye moving upward for a taller, more expansive feeling. Soft, cascading curtain panels on rods extending past the window edges also diminish the prominence of boundaries, seamlessly blending interior and exterior. Avoid harsh lines that emphasize compact shapes.

Sheers Add Light and Airiness

Layer for Depth

Pair gauzy sheers behind standard curtains to filter bright daylight and create an airier setting. The transparency prevents shadows around petite windows, while the layering lends depth compared to flat panels alone. Sheers come in breezy light-filtering and lush and opaque varieties to match needs. Such window treatments illuminate small spaces and disguise their small size.

Widen and Raise for Maximum Impact

Nestle High and Wide

Mount curtain rods and shades well above and extend past window frames to elongate the vertical and horizontal perspectives. Adjust placement to alter how small windows are perceived. The goal is to draw attention to the treated area instead of the window itself. This makes openings feel more prominent within room schemes.

Faux Arch Treatments Boost Height

Elongate Shape

For a quick redesign, install curved curtain rods to mimic grand arched transoms without any major renovations. Drawing attention upward and beyond normal window tops gives the optical illusion of taller glass and more generous dimensions. Accent with cascading panels and high clearance. The dramatic arched motif makes small things feel grand.

FAQs About Designing Around Small Windows:

Go for light panels in solid pale tones or small prints that cascade softly without looking heavy. Layer with breezy sheers to add dimmable brightness and an airy aura. Extend rods wider than frames and well above tops to expand scale.

Slatted wood blinds, breezy Roman shades, and solar screens in light hues boost brightness in rooms to make small windows feel larger visually. Tilt angles control dimming as needed without fully blocking attractive outdoor views that lend spaciousness.

Yes, the simulated wood horizontal slats add texture and warmth to soften edges instead of highlighting a small picture window’s compact shape. With adjustable tilting, the slats also control incoming daylight for brightening rooms without fully blocking views.

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Kelsey Stuart

Kelsey Stuart

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