How Exterior Shades Can Transform Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

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Turn your outdoor living space from sweltering to stunning with the addition of exterior shades. While most people think of window treatments as an interior design element, outdoor shades offer many benefits for creating an enjoyable outdoor entertaining area. From blocking harsh sunlight to adding privacy and style, integrating shades into your patio, deck, or balcony can completely transform the ambiance.

Enjoy UV Protection and Temperature Control

One of the biggest advantages of exterior shades is their ability to block damaging ultraviolet rays. Whether you opt for roll down shades, sliding panels, or retractable awnings, quality outdoor shades will provide UPF 50+ sun protection. This helps prevent sun damage to outdoor furniture and flooring, while also keeping you and your guests cooler. Outdoor roller shades are particularly effective for temperature control since the descending fabric creates an insulating air pocket. Close the shades during the hottest part of the day to prevent your patio from becoming a scorching hot zone.
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Stay Protected from Rain, Wind, and Weather

Look for weather-resistant outdoor shades that can withstand the elements. Materials like Sunbrella fabric have a high level of water repellence, mildew resistance, and colorfastness. For windy locations, choose shades with a beaded chain, weighted bottom bar, and wraparound side channels to prevent billowing and damage. Motorized shades make it easy to retract your shades at the push of a button when bad weather hits.

Enjoy Soft, Diffused Lighting

Harsh sunlight overhead can create glare and shadows that are unflattering and uncomfortable. The filtering effects of sheer or semi-opaque shades create a soft, diffused lighting that is much more inviting. Light-filtering shades also prevent furniture and flooring from fading in the sun. Outdoor solar shades actually use the sun’s rays to power battery-operated motors – allowing you to take control of light with the touch of a remote.

Add Visual Privacy and Noise Reduction

Unlike fences or lattice, shade structures allow breezes to flow through while providing a sense of seclusion. With exterior shades, you control the level of privacy and visibility. For instance, roller shades in an open-weave fabric maintain air circulation while obscuring the view in/out. For more privacy, opt for shades with side channels to eliminate gaps at the edges. The physical barrier formed by shades also helps absorb noise – creating a peaceful oasis.
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Enjoy Nature’s Beauty Without Harsh Glare

One of the best parts about being outdoors is appreciating nature’s beauty. From your lush backyard foliage to stunning sunsets, exterior shades allow you to enjoy the view without squinting from glare. Light-filtering shades cut down on eye strain while enhancing colors and details. You can also opt for motorized shades that can be partially raised or lowered depending on sun angle and positioning.

Define Separate Activity Zones on Your Patio

Use dropped shades to delineate functional spaces on a large patio or deck. For instance, keep dining furniture shaded while leaving the conversation area open to the sunshine. You can also create an “outdoor room” vibe by installing shades on two or more sides of a seating area. Retract shades to open up the space for large gatherings or special occasions.

Enjoy Stylish Colors and Patterns

Unlike interior window treatments which are somewhat protected from sun damage, exterior shades really need to stand up to the elements. Thankfully, shade fabrics are now available in a huge array of colors and patterns. From solids, stripes, geometrics to abstract prints – you can find beautiful, fade-resistant outdoor fabrics. Integrate shades with your exterior color scheme or use them as a bold accent.
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Get Motorized Convenience and Automation

Motorized shades make it easy to control your outdoor lighting with the touch of a button. Remotes, smartphones, and voice assistants allow you to fully automate your shades. Set schedules to automatically lower your shades at peak sunlight hours. Use smart sensors to retract your shades if it gets too windy. With automation features, you can create the optimal outdoor ambiance without any effort.

Block Heat Gain on Windows and Doorways

In addition to overhead coverage, don’t forget to shade any windows and doorways that open to your patio or deck. Frame-mounted roller shades are perfect for sliding doors, while segmented shades can be designed for large spans of multi-panel doors. For windows, consider Bahama shutters which angle downward to block direct sun penetration into the home. Keep your indoor spaces cooler by blocking solar heat gain.

Outdoor shade structures like these allow you to enjoy your exterior living space during more hours of the day. With protection from rain, wind, and UV rays, exterior shades extend your outdoor living season. Get ready to transform your patio, porch, or deck into a comfortably shaded oasis for entertaining and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Shades

Quality shade fabrics like Sunbrella are designed to withstand sun, rain, salt air, and wind without degrading. Acrylic fibers are colorfast and resistant to fading and mildew. Polyester is often used as a backing since it is durable and flexible. Be sure to choose fabrics with a high UV blockage rate.
Most quality exterior shade fabrics are mold, mildew, and stain resistant. However, dust and dirt buildup will occur. Wipe down with a soft brush every few weeks. For a deeper clean, use mild soap and rinse thoroughly with a hose. Allow to air dry fully before retracting.
Wind sensors will automatically retract your shades if wind speeds exceed a preset limit. This prevents damage from billowing and flapping fabric. Wind sensors provide peace of mind that your shades won’t get damaged when no one is home or paying attention. They help protect your investment during storms.

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At Bloomin’ Blinds of Austin, our team helps Texas homeowners select the perfect exterior shades to match their home’s unique architecture and design aesthetic. With a wide selection of shade styles, fabrics, and features, we make it easy to find just the right outdoor shades for your needs and budget.

Whether you need a wall-mounted folding arm awning for your high-rise balcony or a sleek motorized pergola drapes over your poolside lounge, our shade professionals handle everything from design to installation. We also offer motorization, automation, and smart home integration services to make your shades ultra-convenient.

Visit our design center or request an in-home consultation to get started designing your dream outdoor oasis. Our custom-crafted shades keep your outdoor living space comfortably shaded and protected so you can entertain, dine, relax, and play outdoors.

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